2022’s Top 10 Kitchen Faucets – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide


The kitchen faucets are one of the most commonly used functions in the Kitchen and can be used as essential hardware for cooking, washing hands, and keeping the space clean.

When decorating a kitchen, it is easy to overlook details such as hardware. However, these small design choices can significantly affect the overall aesthetic, which is why it is vital to choose the best kitchen faucets that fits your space.

Add style, functionality, and convenience to your kitchen with the right kitchen faucet

However, it is easier said than done because there are hundreds of kitchen faucets to choose from today, including pull-down and pullout styles kitchen faucets, single and double handle options, touchless faucets, and more. When you shop, you need to know the number of holes compatible with your sink configuration and the faucet height that fits your space. It would help if you also considered the style of the kitchen and the finishes you like.

Top Picks for Kitchen Faucets to Buy Right Now.

Things to Consider When Choosing the Best Kitchen Faucets

It is important to remember some features to ensure you choose the perfect faucet for your kitchen. Whether you are replacing an old faucet or want to upgrade, be sure to consider the material, handle, spout, and installation method.


The most common materials for kitchen faucets are brass, stainless steel, zinc alloy, and plastic. Each of these options is different in terms of durability, price, and aesthetics. Consider which material best suits your budget and kitchen style:

  • Brass is the most popular material for kitchen faucets. Brass is durable, affordable, and available in a variety of colors and finishes. These faucets usually have a charming rustic or farmhouse appearance, especially natural finishes.
  • Stainless steel is the most durable and expensive option. Some models have a stainless steel finish on the brass instead of all-stainless steel construction, but these options are of lower quality. Some stainless steel faucets have a transparent coating to prevent water stains and fingerprints. This material is also available in various colors and finishes, bringing a stylish aesthetic to modern kitchens.
  • Zinc alloy and plastic faucets are the least durable but most affordable options. These are relatively inexpensive materials and have almost no service life compared to brass and stainless steel. However, some are designed to look like these other models, so others may not notice the difference.

Handle Style

There are three options for the handle of the kitchen faucet: single, double, and non-contact.

  • Single faucets are easier to use, install, and take up less space than double handle faucets. However, they are not as accurate as double taps in terms of temperature regulation.
  • The double faucet has separate hot and cold-water valves on the left and right sides of the faucet. The handle can be part of the bottom plate, or it can install separately. The installation of a double-handle faucet is complex and requires both hands to adjust the water temperature.
  • Touchless faucets are a relatively new technology and are now available for household use. The most significant advantages of these models are convenience and cleanliness. The motion sensor activates the water, so if your hands are already full or dirty, you don’t have to touch the fixture. However, they are indeed more expensive than single taps and double taps.

Spout Type

The kitchen faucet has a fixed, pull-down, or pull-out option. Faucets with fixed outlets are usually equipped with a separate sprayer mounted on the side. The side spray is now obsolete, but it can still use in the basic model. These devices install far away from the faucet. They need to make a hole in the sink, which makes the installation more complicated due to additional pipes.

The pull-down and pull-out water outlets are equipped with a built-in sprayer, which can use as a fixed water outlet when not in use. The water outlet pulled out or pulled down from the single-handle faucet on the hose. There is a counterweight in the faucet’s neck to help the hose, and the water outlet retract. These types of spouts will come in handy when washing vegetables or cleaning the sink.

Although pull-out and pull-down faucets have many similarities, the main difference is the clearance amount required. In addition, Pull-down faucets usually have a higher gooseneck outlet, and the actual spray hose is usually shorter than pull-out faucets.

The drop-down sink is an excellent choice for deep single basin sinks. The outlet of the pull-out faucet is shorter, and the hose is longer than the pull-down faucet. They can quickly fill pots and pans from your countertop instead of in the sink. These faucets are suitable for shallow double basin sinks.

Mounting Holes

Some faucets require only one mounting hole to install, while other faucets may require up to five. If you don’t have enough of them on your countertop, you need to cut some. Please be assured that this process will not take much effort or time.

If there are holes that you won’t use, the easiest way to deal with this situation is to cover them with an orifice plate or lid (sometimes not included). Alternatively, you can reserve holes for the soap dispenser or side sprayer.

Faucet Design

The faucet design is either straight or has a gooseneck curve. The straight-out faucet is compact and inexpensive, but there is almost no space in the sink for filling large basins.

Gooseneck models have higher clearances but take up more space and are generally more costly. No matter what design you choose for your kitchen, make sure it provides you with enough space within reach and is proportional to the size of the sink.

Color and finish

The faucet has a variety of finishes to choose from. Standard options include chrome, stainless steel, nickel, platinum, tin, and matte black. The type of surface treatment affects the appearance, clean ability, stain and rust resistance, and faucet price—the brighter the surface, the more fingerprints, and water stains.

If you are looking for the best luxury kitchen faucet, check out this list of the best kitchen faucets to buy now-these products will be the perfect finishing touch to any room.

Best Kitchen Sink Faucets in 2022- Reviews and Buyer Guide.

Here’s our picks for the Best Kitchen Faucets to Add style, functionality, and convenience to your kitchen with the right kitchen faucet.

#1 Delta Faucet 9178T-AR-DST Kitchen Sink Faucet (best to buy in 2022)

Kitchen Faucets to Buy Right Now

In addition to ordinary spray and aerated streams, the 9178T-DST also has a unique ShieldSpray mode that can create a water cover that surrounds the center jet and helps prevent splashing. When the handle is inconvenient, you can also pause the water with the button on the head.

At the bottom of the faucet, an LED light can indicate the water temperature and battery status. The color changes between blue (excellent color), magenta (warm color), and red (warm color) to prevent accidents when you use the touch function. When the battery is low (this happens only once every few years), the indicator light will flash red. If you don’t like batteries, the faucet is also compatible with the A/C adapter, but it is sold separately.

  • Touch to activate
  • Automatic shut-down
  • LED indicator
  • Innovative spray pattern
  • Elegant design
  • Battery-powered or AC powered
  • Expensive

#2 Moen Arbor 7594E (best touchless kitchen faucet)

Moen Arbor 7594E (best touchless faucet)

Moen offers two spray modes: standard aerated flow and a powerful flushing mode called PowerClean. PowerClean produces a pressurized water stream, which concentrates on washing the residues on the dishes. Unfortunately, despite the advertising, the splash is still a bit unpredictable.

One thing that DIY enthusiasts appreciate about the Arbor 7594E is the simplicity of its connecting accessories. In addition to the easy-to-connect connector for connecting the nozzle and the ink cartridge, the control box also uses a simple digital code connection. As a result, you only need to know how to use a ruler, screwdriver, and drill.

  • Touch to activate
  • Automatic shut-down
  • LED indicator
  • Innovative spray pattern
  • Elegant design
  • Battery-powered or AC powered
  • Expensive

#3 Kraus KPF-1690SFS Britt Pre-Rinse (commercial style kitchen faucet)

commercial style kitchen faucets

The whole body is made of brass. It is finished with chrome or stainless steel plating, the quality of the craft is impressive, and you will find more than just some praise from experienced owners.

Kraus provides several convenient functions, one of which is a magnetic docking armature. You only need to guide your head to your hand, and it will automatically attach. The other is a durable ceramic ink cartridge tested and can last for many years of daily use.

  • Full metal
  • Responsive neck
  • Bulky

#4 Moen 7594SRS Arbor One (best pull out kitchen faucet)


There are two spray options for this faucet: one for quick cleaning and the other for dense food using Moen PowerClean technology. Its function is to compress the water flow and increase the spray pressure. As a result, you have more power but also more splashes.

Another thing we noticed is that whenever you turn it on again, the faucet constantly switches back to aeration flow mode. This minor feature is a good touch because the normal flow is far less intense and sudden than PowerClean.

  • Save space
  • Beautiful design
  • Comfortable spray stick
  • Reported stress issues
  • Expensive

#5 Peerless P299305LF (best wall mount kitchen faucet)

Peerless P299305LF (best wall mount Sink faucet)

This traditional brass faucet is chrome-plated, polished in appearance, and easy to clean. Compared with a single-lever machine, the quarter-turn double-lever control is less intuitive but provides more precise temperature mixing. The spout has a tall curved gooseneck that can be rotated 360 degrees, allowing it to fill tall containers effortlessly.

The subtle decorative details, combined with the elegant neck and double handles, evoke the image of the simple past. The only downside is the color choice, as the chrome finish is the only available option.

  • Economical
  • Vintage look
  • It does not include supply lines

#6 Fapully Dual Spout (best industrial kitchen sink faucets)

Fapully Dual Spout (best industrial kitchen sink faucet)

It is a single-handle, multi-purpose kitchen faucet, wholly made of brass from handle to head. The entire device is plated with brushed nickel, economic and practical as chrome plating, but with warmer tones and less reflection.

The faucet uses a commercial-grade spring neck, which is responsive and durable. The sprayer is comfortable to use and covers a wide range of motion. But remember, this line is fixed and will not extend. The base of the head does not do anything special, but it can use the natural tension of the spring to keep the head safe.

  • High pressure
  • Full metal
  • Bulky

 #7 Delta Faucet Windermere Kitchen Faucet (best basic tap set)

Delta Faucet Windermere Kitchen Faucet (best basic tap set)

This is a standard two-handle faucet with a high arc gooseneck spout. Unlike the other options in this list, its body is made of plastic but with metal plating, and the side sprayer has the same construction. These materials make it lighter, and the price is attractive, but there are reasons to think that plastic parts will not be as hard as brass.

The faucet is equipped with a side sprayer to complete the set. Compared with pull-down, pull-out, and commercial faucets, the traditional design of fixed water outlets seems to be a step backward. So the side spray helps to balance some things; it is convenient and easy to use.

  • Beautiful design
  • Pull-out side sprayer
  • Plastic body

#8 Delta Leland 978-DST (best two-hole single handle kitchen faucets)

best two-hole single handle kitchen faucet

This kitchen faucet has the unique aesthetic details of the Delta Faucet Leland series and has many similarities with the popular 9178-DST. You can think of 978 as 9178, but it has a separate handle attached to the deck and requires a different mounting hole. You can place the handle on the left or right side of the nozzle.

The 978-DST has a detachable spray head on a 20-inch hose. With the help of the magnetic lining, the sprayer retracts on its own and stops safely. The durable magnetic strip also eliminates any possibility of the nozzle sagging over time.

  • Elegant
  • Durable DIAMOND seal
  • Magnetic docking
  • Left- or right-handed operation
  • Costly

#9 Brizo Artesso (single handle articulating kitchen faucets)

kitchen faucets

With its unique and ingenious design, you can adjust the position of the water outlet armature to adjust its height and range. Combine it with a 360-degree rotating body and a rotating joint, and you have highly adaptable hardware.

When you hold the sprinkler, it works like a faucet with a spring neck. The hose is made of semi-flexible rubber and does not extend, so it will not handle comfortably as a braided hose. However, the docking seat is magnetic, so you can easily hold it in place.

  • Beautiful, individual design
  • Magnetic docking
  • Adjustable height and reach
  • Precious

#10 hansgrohe Talis S² High Arc (best hansgrohe kitchen faucets)

hansgrohe Talis S² High Arc (best hansgrohe

It is the best kitchen faucet with a separate sprayer. The model has a solid all-brass body with rocking European details made of chrome or steel optics. It has a pull-out sprayer that can extend to 12 inches (not very long) and a magnetic lining for easy docking. However, the life of the magnet is concise.

There are two water modes, flow, and spray, alternate with the buttons on the sprayer. To spray, you must press and hold the button; release it to return to streaming. More importantly, the silicon nozzle is easy to clean, and it can use the ceramic disc cartridge for a long time.

  • All-metal construction
  • Little backsplash clearance needed
  • Pricey
  • Swivels only 150 degrees

The Best Sink Faucets Brands to buy in 2022

The flaws in this huge mechanism are inevitable. Negative feedback between branches is natural.

However, it should not be the only negative factor that contains our preferences. Instead, we should make decisions based on the comparison between good and bad.

  • Delta Faucet
  • Moen
  • Kohler
  • Price Pfister
  • Kraus

FAQs About Your New Kitchen Faucets

Which brand of kitchen faucet is the best?

Some manufacturers consider leaders in kitchen faucet design, including Moen, Delta Faucet, and Kohler.

Is Moen or Kohler better?

Under normal circumstances, Kohler kitchen faucets are more expensive than Moen faucets. Similarly, Moen will have more significant changes in design and style than Kohler will. Faucets are also Moen’s expertise, while Kohler produces a variety of equally important plumbing products.

How does the touchless kitchen faucets work?

The touchless faucet consists of four main parts: water outlet, induction window, solenoid valve (a kind of electromagnet), and power supply. When you bring your hand or object close to the sensor window, the sensor is activate and sends a signal to the solenoid valve to open and let water flow through the nozzle.


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